Through his photo book Maythem takes us in search of the spirit of Morocco and discovers a hopeful aspect of the human condition.
Portraits Selection
Some of the many wonderful people that I have enjoyed photographing both within the studio and on location.
Berber Wedding
High in the Atlas Mountains Berbers congregate in order flirt, show off and hopefully meet a spouse.
My Camera in Exile
A collection of travel and street photography which I began whilst out shooting films in the Middle East and North Africa.
The Return
A small selection of street and portrait photography that I shot upon returning to the UK after extensive assignments abroad.
Touch of Gold
A fashion | lifestyle shoot to promote the launch of a new jewellery collection by designer maker Jordanne Cliffe.
My Kolachi
A lifestyle shoot to promote a new children’s range by My Kolachi. Intended for print, web, social media and displays for trade shows.
A selection of musicians I have collaborated with. Creating photos & videos for websites, album covers & social media content.
A personal project visualising our connection to and estrangement from nature. In collaboration with environmental groups and charities.
Al-Intithar | The Wait
A personal photographic and film project that focused on the hopes and aspirations of Iraqi exiles in the UK.
A multi award-winning film and a visually driven lyrical tale that explores loss, the sweetness of hope and the realisation of dreams.
Drifting on the Wind
After the removal of Saddam an Iraqi exile prepares to return home and is forced to re-evaluate the meaning of his journey.
BBC World Service Films
Some of the films I wrote and directed for the BBC for their launch of BBC Arabic and BBC Farsi TV channels
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