My brief was to create photographs and a film to promote the launch of the new collection A TOUCH OF GOLD by the very talented jewellery designer and maker Jordanne Cliffe.
The jewellery is intended for every day wear... At work and at play. This was my inspiration to create a narrative of a girl leaving work and getting ready for an evening out with friends.
I wanted the focus to be the jewellery and so devised various set ups in which it became the prominent element of the image. I was fortunate in that the client gave me a free hand to try whatever I wanted and on some photos I took it to the extremes of using the jewellery to completely veil the model's face. It was a gamble but luckily the client who was present at the shoot loved the result.
I used simple studio lighting with basic modifiers as well as some legacy Vivitar 283s on slaves being controlled by my beloved Sony HVL-58AM unit
Below is the resulting behind the scenes video which the client needed to promote the project on her website and at trade exhibitions.

Maythem Ridha
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