Courses & Workshops

The photography & film courses and workshops below are available at 3 different levels of expertise; beginners, intermediate and advanced and are designed to help photographers & filmmakers at any level to improve their skills & techniques. They usually take place at various locations in and around Greater London, however some can be hosted at your institution or chosen venue elsewhere around the country & abroad. Originally designed as full day, evenings and weekend workshops and courses, they are now available for film and photographic clubs and societies, universities and colleges, WI and U3A groups and can easily be adapted for other audiences.

Photoshop | Lightroom Courses
Learn how to manage, edit and correctly grade photographs and then output to professional standards for print, online and portfolios.
Photography Workshops
A selection of photography workshops including travel, product, portrait and street photography as well as postproduction workshops.
Free Resources
Some very useful online tutorials that my students on the beginner and intermediate programme have benefitted from. Enjoy!
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