Talks, Lectures & Presentations

The talks, lectures and presentations below are designed to inspire and educate photographers & filmmakers at any level to improve their skills & techniques. They are now available for film and photographic clubs and societies, universities and colleges, WI and U3A groups and can easily be adapted for other audiences. For further enquiries and to book a talk please use the contacts page.

Shooting the Middle East & North Africa
Join Iraqi photographer Maythem Ridha as he shares his experience of shooting film and photography in the Middle East and North Africa, These series of talks, lectures and presentations coincide with the launch of his new photo book "Beyond Moments: Morocco - A Photographic Journey".
Through his photo book Maythem takes us in search of the spirit of Morocco and discovers a hopeful aspect of the human condition.
Free Resources
Some very useful online tutorials that students on the beginner and intermediate programme have benefitted from. Enjoy!
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